What to Expect at a Photo Session

The photo shoot will last 1-2 hours and you will have 100-150 images to look at. Within one week of the shoot, digital images will be posted online with a password protected account. At this point you may share them with family and friends and prints can be ordered in varying sizes and formats. You also have the option of black and white or color images. In addition special cards, birth and graduations announcements, and books are also available.

Additional services are available if you would like help selecting photographs or want retouching done an "editing session" can be scheduled.

What you should know to prepare for the shoot:

• Plain fabrics work best. Jeans, khakis, just not too many clashing fabrics together.
• Make sure all kids have napped, had snacks, etc.
• Favorite toys can be useful in easing kids into the situation.


• Which are you favorite photos on the website?
• Do you prefer more traditional studio style portraits where everyone is looking at the camera or more candid photographs?
• Would you like to have a plain backdrop or be outside in nature somewhere?
• How many people will be at the shoot? Ages?
• Are there any personality traits or relationships you would like us to focus on?
• Do you have any ideas or preferences for the shoot?
• What end product would you like? CD, prints, books, calendars, cards, announcements?
• Black & white, color, or both?

Suggested Locations:

• Holbrook-Palmer Park (Menlo Park)
• Johnston Park (Palo Alto)
• Huddart Park (Woodside)
• Gamble Gardens (Palo Alto)
• The Lake at the Foothill College Park (Palo Alto)
• Stanford University Campus (Stanford)
• The Dish Area (Stanford)
• Allied Arts (Menlo Park)
• McKenzie park (Los Altos)
• Cuesta Park (Mtn. View)
• Sharon Park (Menlo Park)
• Twin Pines Park ( Belmont)
• Sunset Gardens (Menlo Park)